Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Weekend Antics - 21st's + Date with the Girlfriends :)

So this weekend, since it is the start of the 2nd semester of uni. My girlfriends and I decided to head out and have dinner and desert. 


We got chocolate brownie with banana slices and ice cream and a dark italian chocolate mousse. So yummy!

After desert we met up with more friends and decided to watch 'The Conjuring'. Definitely got my adrenaline rush experience from that movie. Had a couple of nightmares as well ... 

After the movie, my friend decided that she wanted the minion cut out from the cinema. And so.. she took it. Was a very funny sight, a girl just running out of the cinema with a minion. But it was her flat mates 21st and the theme was Despicable Me so it was a necessary addition to the festivities!


This is the dress that I decided to wear for the 21st on the Saturday. I have been looking for a maxi dress/maxi skirt with a slit. AND I FOUND ONE! I thought it was $59.99 but went I took it up to the counter, it was actually on sale for $20. I love a good sale. Ignore the mess guys!

Shameless selfie number 1. I just went for a simple makeup and minimal jewellary. Added a plum lipstick shade from maybelline just for a pop of colour.

I really couldn't be bothered wearing heels only because it was a cold, cold night. So I decided for my comfy Roc Boots instead. I think they added a bit of masculinity to a very feminine outfit. 


Spent Sunday lazing around in the library in our jammies!

What did you guys get up to in the weekend? :) Please do leave a comment or two down below.

Monday, 27 May 2013


Woke up this morning and dragged myself out of bed to attempt to make my 9am lecture. Glanced out the window to see what mother earth has deemed the weather was going to be and ....



Now, I do like my snow days, especially since they usually mean that lectures are cancelled. But, with cold weather comes the struggle to get out of my warm room, drag myself to the library and get some study done. With about 18 days left till exams, some study needs to be done ASAP. 

Today as well, I had a job interview. After rushing to have shower, slap some makeup on and get dressed, I got a call saying that the interview was also cancelled due to snow-y conditions. So, I have nothing. NOTHING to distract me from studying :'(

In an attempt to procrastinate, I decided to write a post just rambling about the horrible weather and the dreariness of student life. Can't wait till the summer hols! >:(

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Weather for a playsuit :)

I love functional clothing. Something that looks good but at the same time, is practical. And this is where the playsuit comes in. There are so many different varieties of patterns and styles and they can be dressed down and up depending on the situation. 

Even though it's winter, Mr. Sun decided to pay us a visit today and so I brought out this playsuit. I love the print on it (doesn't it look like something out of the 90s) and the cute lace cut out and pattern on the side gives an illusion of a waistline. It's a respectable length and for those of you who prefer a more demure take, you can just throw on a pair of tights.

P.S: Sorry my room is a mess and I will be getting someone to photograph for me from now on so you can have better quality pictures. But this is the best I can do for now.

Playsuit: toi et moi sydney, Slippers: Can't remember.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


It's winter in New Zealand at the moment and the weather has been really bipolar. One day sunny, the next freezing. Even though it's freezing today, I still wanted to incorporate a small burst of colour into my winter wardrobe. 

I am a fan of knits and I'm increasing my collection day by day. I personally enjoy thrifting for knits because I find a lot of good quality knits that have tight stitching (which makes it way way warmer). Knits are also perfect to layer up because it is easier to hide your thermal layers as I am doing under mine.

I love this particular knit top because of the narrow boat neck that allows peeks of your clavicle which I think is a very attractive part of the female body. It is a flattering muted red colour which adds that burst of colour in the winter days. The sleeve gets wider and then tapers off at the end creating a very elegant silhouette. 

Knit Top: Thrift Store, Leggings: Supre, Baby Blue Ugg Boots: Peter Alexander

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cold Day Selfies

It's winter at the moment and it's freezing. What better way to keep warm then to throw on an oversized jumper. For extra warmth, I layered up with a thermal underneath and woolen socks. Winter tends to put me in a monochrome mood does anyone else do that as well?

But on a happier note, it's finally Friday!

White Knit: Thrift Store, Leggings: Supre, Boots: Can't remember was ages ago, Earrings: Lovisa, Watch: Guess, Bracelet: My mothers

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Retail Therapy!

So I recently decided that I needed to empty my bank and what better way to do that then to go online shopping :) It's winter time at the moment and I wanted to get a couple more pieces for those cold nights.

I decided to try out Romwe for the first time since I had heard so many good reviews about them. I was NOT disappointed. I was thrilled with my purchases and they looked exactly as they advertised them (some clothes tend to look wayyyy different when you get them).

1) Oversized Elk print Jumper. 
Love, love, love this! It's so warm and it drapes perfectly, so comfy and flattering on. It's also a perfect colour against my darker skin tone. Suffice to say, it's been worn quite a lot now.

2) Oversized Aztec Print Denim Jacket.
When I first got it, I thought it looked too big, but once I started wearing it and got used to the size, it's perfect! This is a perfect oversized jacket to layer up during winter! Plus, the sleeves are removable so I can recycle this when it starts to get a bit warmer!

Last item was not from Romwe. But, I just needed to have it.

3) Jeffrey Campbells. 
Yup, I decided that it was necessary. It is unbelievable how comfortable and easy they are to walk in. Also, how badass do those spikes look?

Happy Thursday! The week is almost over, bring on the weekend! :)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hello 2013!

Last year was fun and tiring and full-on and pretty packed. But all the fun-ness of life distracted me from continuing with this blog. 

So this year among my list of resolutions, is one that I may have a bit of trouble keeping.


I wish myself every luck with this endeavour. I'm still learning how to use this site properly.

To wish everyone a lazy Sunday, here is a picture of what most of you should be doing. Especially when it's all rainy and yucky outside.

Comment down below and tell me how you guys like spending a rainy Sunday :)