Tuesday, 14 May 2013


It's winter in New Zealand at the moment and the weather has been really bipolar. One day sunny, the next freezing. Even though it's freezing today, I still wanted to incorporate a small burst of colour into my winter wardrobe. 

I am a fan of knits and I'm increasing my collection day by day. I personally enjoy thrifting for knits because I find a lot of good quality knits that have tight stitching (which makes it way way warmer). Knits are also perfect to layer up because it is easier to hide your thermal layers as I am doing under mine.

I love this particular knit top because of the narrow boat neck that allows peeks of your clavicle which I think is a very attractive part of the female body. It is a flattering muted red colour which adds that burst of colour in the winter days. The sleeve gets wider and then tapers off at the end creating a very elegant silhouette. 

Knit Top: Thrift Store, Leggings: Supre, Baby Blue Ugg Boots: Peter Alexander

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