Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Weekend Antics - 21st's + Date with the Girlfriends :)

So this weekend, since it is the start of the 2nd semester of uni. My girlfriends and I decided to head out and have dinner and desert. 


We got chocolate brownie with banana slices and ice cream and a dark italian chocolate mousse. So yummy!

After desert we met up with more friends and decided to watch 'The Conjuring'. Definitely got my adrenaline rush experience from that movie. Had a couple of nightmares as well ... 

After the movie, my friend decided that she wanted the minion cut out from the cinema. And so.. she took it. Was a very funny sight, a girl just running out of the cinema with a minion. But it was her flat mates 21st and the theme was Despicable Me so it was a necessary addition to the festivities!


This is the dress that I decided to wear for the 21st on the Saturday. I have been looking for a maxi dress/maxi skirt with a slit. AND I FOUND ONE! I thought it was $59.99 but went I took it up to the counter, it was actually on sale for $20. I love a good sale. Ignore the mess guys!

Shameless selfie number 1. I just went for a simple makeup and minimal jewellary. Added a plum lipstick shade from maybelline just for a pop of colour.

I really couldn't be bothered wearing heels only because it was a cold, cold night. So I decided for my comfy Roc Boots instead. I think they added a bit of masculinity to a very feminine outfit. 


Spent Sunday lazing around in the library in our jammies!

What did you guys get up to in the weekend? :) Please do leave a comment or two down below.

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