Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gym : A place you CONSIDER visiting at least once a week.

So, anyone who knows me at all will know that the among the things I enjoy doing, the gym ain't one of them.. Running aimlessly on a treadmill just doesn't seem like a fun way to exercise. AT ALL. 

Let's be honest, the treadmill does have its benefits, but it's so monotonous and repetitive. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and it just depends on whether you want to do it faster or slower...

So, my definition of a fun alternative ... is YOGA :) I did it for about 8 months and then it got too expensive for a poor student like me. Though I am saving to start it up again next year and for those of you who are keen to start up yoga and just couldn't be bothered or weren't too sure about it, please do give it a go. It's relaxing and so satisfying, plus you start toning your body and increasing your flexibility and strength.

There are many different forms of yoga and the one that I particularly preferred was Bikram Yoga. I absolutely loved it!
Well, that's not entirely true ... the first few sessions were ridiculously hard, and it was literally how I imagined hell would be. But after a couple of classes you start getting used to it, and I kid you not, you sweat buckets-full. So please bring a towel ... or a couple. 

My first class, I went into the yoga studio with leggings and a cotton T-shirt, just the kind of look I'd be sporting at the gym. When I entered the yoga studio, the first burst of hot air was amazing! I remember thinking to myself, this won't be too bad at all. Though the fact that everyone around me was dressed in a sports bra, tiny little shorts, bikini tops and half leggings should have given me enough warning. 


After about 10 minutes into the class, my clothes were saturated with sweat. It was NOT a pretty site. So I learnt my lesson, and the next time, I came to class in a little sports bra and just half leggings. The heat was so much more bearable without the unnecessary material sticking to me and it was also much easier to look at myself in the mirror and work on adjusting my posture.

I'm from Malaysia, and moving from there to New Zealand was a real climate shock for me and I think this is the reason I enjoy Bikram Yoga aka hot yoga. Classes are in a room that is heated to about 40 degrees Celcius with about 40% humidity and I know that it sounds like a horrible ordeal to put yourself through, but after getting through the first few classes you'll find that you start to crave the heat. 

Sessions ran for exactly 90 minutes and in that time we went through 26 different postures and 2 breathing exercises. 

Before yoga, I was so inflexible that I couldn't even touch my toes. True story. 

After about 1 month of going to Bikram Yoga everyday, my flexibility increased and now I can touch my toes!! YAY! I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's a start of what Bikram Yoga can do if you only give it a chance and push yourself :)

So the next time that you're bored senseless of the treadmill and you're starting to get tired of the whole gym scene, give yoga a try :)


Having dinner at the casino tonight! Yummy! :) xx

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