Wednesday, 24 October 2012

After looking through my first post, I realise why people don't normally start their first blog after a nights of no sleep. I will just leave it there to serve as a reminder that sleep is the way to go!

Well, after that rather depressing day, which was only depressing because I procrastinated, I got about 16 hours sleep in a go... 

But this got me thinking, why do people procrastinate? ...

I mean, I know the repercussions of it, but I still do it. I know plenty of other people that do it and then they end up being in the same boat as me. But I don't understand why, when you know that you've got something on, you delay it. Personally for me I think, it's just overconfidence, plus studying is boring.. and I want to put it off as much as possible.

That gets this equation running into play..

Procrastination + Facebook + Blogging + Instagram = Lack of sleep + Stress + A possible fail + EYEBAGS

The way the human mind works will never cease to surprise me eventhough that's what I study!

On a more cheerful note, check out the weather after my exam it was perfect beach weather and so ... wait for it ... I WENT TO THE BEACH! :D

How stunning is the view? I mean look at it! Although, it was warm, it was still too cold to swim so all I could do were take photos :( Next time though!

Dinner time now! 

Till next time :) xx

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